Alisa Singer


Alisa believes climate change to be the most critical challenge facing our world, and sought to find a way to use her art to further efforts to bring awareness to the issue.  She was attracted by the inherently aesthetic design elements of scientific charts and graphs, and intrigued by the idea of using art to give them dramatic effect. She conceived the Environmental Graphiti project in 2014 and created the series The Art of Climate Changewith abstract images illustrating the science behind the critical changes impacting our planet. 

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Julie A. Stark, M.Ed.




Ellen Friedler


Julie is the owner and Managing Director of The Stark Solution, a talent development and training design firm working to effect change within for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Julie, in her role as a board member of The Chicago Lighthouse, also worked with Alisa on the inBraille project. She was inspired by Alisa’s unique "art for cause" concept and works to connect Environmental Graphiti with any and all collaborators doing the important work of climate change awareness.

Ellen is a founding partner, and the managing partner, of Strategic Leasing Law Group, a law firm specializing in commercial leasing. Ellen does not want to leave the problems of climate change for the next generation and believes that if people were more aware of the specific facts of climate change they would be motivated to join the cause.  She believes that Alisa's art is a powerful communication tool that draws people in with the beauty of the art and educates them with its compelling messages. She wants to see the art displayed in public and private venues where it can increase climate change awareness and encourage people to take action. 


Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg: Chicago law firm generously provides pro bono legal advice and assistance.

Howard Singer: consistent moral support and various other forms of assistance.

Sherry Rosner and Michael Bentcover:  logistical support for events.

Alisa Singer thanks the members of the team for donating their valuable time, free of charge, to forward the Environmental Graphiti initiative.

Our "Art for Cause" Principle