Images and Sizing

Each digital painting is 300 dpi and can be reproduced in various sizes and formats, e.g., canvas, metal, paper, posters, cards, “green” products, video or other electronic or interactive media. The images can be licensed for use or exhibited with or without the video. Below is the maximum high quality print size for each painting. Note: Certain mediums (e.g., metal) have a limited range of size options.


Painting Title                                                          Maximum Size  (inches)      


The Alarming Art of Climate Change

Art and Graphs                

1. CO2 emissions 1958-2013                                                                  40w   36h

2. Carbon emissions in the industrial age                                             20w    30h

3.  Radiative forcing caused by greenhouse gases                             20w    30 h

4. Global Temperature and Carbon Dioxide                                         37w    30h                                                                            

5.  Emission Levels Determine Temperature Rise                                36w    48h

6.  Melting of Arctic land-based ice                                                       74w    36h

7.  Projected Arctic sea ice decline                                                        32w    20h    

8. Past and Projected Changes in Global Sea Level                            20w    30h                  

9. Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise                                                           33w    24h    

10. Shells Dissolve in Acidified Ocean Water                                        63w    23h

11. Relative Strengths of Warming and Cooling Influence                    30w    58h            

12. Economic Damage from Temperature Increase                              38w   17h    

13. Temperature and CO2 for Last 1,000 Years                                     13w    21h     

14.  Current and Projected Arctic Conditions                                         45w   24h

15.  Multiple indicators of Climate Change                                             25w   27h            

16.  Observed US Trend in Heavy Precipitation                                     38w   29h     

17. 97% Consensus                                                                                   42w   25h

18. Countries that contribute least are most vulnerable                        40w30h      

19.  Sources of U.S. Non-Nuclear Renewable Energy                            60w59h

20. No Carbon Electricity Generation Share – Europe and U.S.           54w 37h

Art and Numbers

21. Number image - 2/3.6                                                                         120w96h      

22. Number image - 400                                                                          90w72h2

23. Number image - 2                                                                               90w90h

24. Number image - 1 out of 4                                                                  90w  90h      

25. Number image - 66%                                                                          46w  34h


Art and Words

26. Word image –HEAT                                                                            36w36h 

27. Word image –DEFORESTATION                                                        35w 45h

29. Word image -  DROUGHT                                                                  90w 60h

29. Word image – FIRE                                                                     45w45h

30. Word image - DISEASE                                                               40w30h