Exhibit Or Aquire The Art

We invite you to create a collection of Environmental Graphiti art that will bring beauty and important messaging to your gallery, school, home or office.

Visualize the art in your own space | See how others have displayed the art.

Please contact us if you wish to exhibit, acquire, rent, license or produce Environmental Graphiti ™ art. Exhibition, production, copying or use is not allowed without permission.


The paintings, either alone or together with the video, create a vivid and dynamic exhibition. Each digital image is 300 dpi and can be reproduced in various sizes and formats - ask about custom sizes. Standard options: print on metal, paper or canvas.

Please contact us to discuss how you can exhibit or acquire the art.


E.G.'s New Card Shop!

Love the art but not quite ready to purchase a painting for your home or office? Consider Environmental Graphiti All-Occasion Greeting Cards. Cards can be customized to feature your logo on the back.

ART on front. SCIENCE on back. YOUR MESSAGE inside.



Environmental Graphiti's mission is to enhance public awareness of climate change science and to create affordable opportunities for sale or exhibition for non-profit, educational or governmental purposes. Proceeds from the purchase of art will be used to defray costs of reproduction and help fund this mission. Please contact us for cost and pricing details.

  • We may request that you provide certain information and sign an agreement relating to the non-exclusive, royalty-free licensing of the use of the images.

  • The purchase price is not deductible for tax purposes.