green jobs - by the numbers

Digital Art on Metal 30" W X 30" H

53c. Green Jobs Green Version lo res.jpg


Click image for a bigger view of the sketch from which this piece was inspired.


Clean energy is creating new and ever-increasing numbers of job opportunities for American workers.  According to the US Department of Energy*, in 2016 3.38 million Americans were employed in clean energy, compared to 2.99 million employed in the fossil fuels sector.

(*As quoted in the New York Times, Jan 12, 2018)

This digital painting uses a random selection of statistics about "green jobs" to create the background texture of the piece.  Some of the numbers used are:

"In 2015 there were 2.5 million green jobs in the US.""(E)nergy efficient retrofits in the United States could create more than 3.3 million cumulative job years of employment." "Employment in electric power generation now totals 860,869 jobs, up 13%." "In embracing wind power, Texas created nearly 25,000 jobs." "LEED certified buildings drive 3.3 million US jobs...and are expected to generate $190.3 billion in labor earnings in 2017." "Solar technologies employ almost 375,000 workers, or 43 percent of the electric power generation work force.  (Coal, by contrast accounts for about 86,000 workers.)"

For the full source of numbers used see "Data Sources".